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Do Something For The Kids, Inc. follows the Youth Development Model’s building blocks for youth success. These building blocks are based on research showing that in order for young people to grow and thrive their basic needs must first be met. The model is based on safety, relationship building, youth participation, community involvement, and skill building. Youth cannot start building skills without first having the foundation of safety and strong relationships.

This model also contains the core values of the village that has assisted in so many of our lives growing up. Here at Do Something For The Kids, Inc., we are striving to rebuild that community. The next phase hopes the incorporation of many low cost and quality events to further assist today’s youth

by offering various social and developmental skills training, career modeling and development as well as various events and field trips to explore the world beyond our own communites.  We aim to teach, to mentor, to development, to assist in unlocking hidden potential to great achivements in life.  Though we will provide alot to the community, we will be our most successful with the benefit of donations of time, supplies and monetuary gifts. We implore each one to donate one of these small gifts to assist this community in these goals to sponsor a youth's experience for enrichment through our various events.  

Contact us to find out about options to send, give or arrange pick up for donations.

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