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Do Something For The Kids, Inc. is an organization that was formed to assist in rebuilding needed villages to lend their knowledge, wisdom and abilities to aid today’s youth in pursuit of their goals. The words Do Something For The Kids, Inc., were derived from the aspect and livelihood of working with youth in disadvantage situations to provide a means to mentor, teach and/or inspire youth through. Do Something For The Kids, Inc.’s aims to incorporate a reach one, teach one methodology to utilize individual’s educational prowess, work experience and unique talents to aid in providing youth with options fitting to their interest in work and educational development as well as social and developmental skill building. Do Something For The Kids, Inc. is a new way of thinking around making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy alternatives. These events and opportunities create a safe environment which helps young people develop a sense of purpose, boost self-esteem, build skills for success, and be empowered to make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.

Do Something For The Kids, Inc. strives to empower youth to find their strength; giving them the ability to pursue opportunities that once may have been just a dream, versus just telling them that these opportunities may not be obtainable in life. Do Something For The Kids, Inc. believes there is an extreme and powerful difference between the two. Nearly everyone understands that drugs have negative consequences, but one thing not all youth recognize is that they have a choice. Giving a young person choice means giving them power, which is why Do Something For The Kids, Inc. chooses to go beyond just acquiring knowledge and instead focuses on how to use your knowledge through the power of choice and influence so that young people are able to withstand traditional peer pressure to make their own healthy choices.


Do Something For The Kids, Inc.


Mission Statement and Purpose:


“We aim to rebuild the villages that once raised us in Life.  To rebuild a community that lends it’s resources, knowledge and wisdom to assist today’s youth!”

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