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Who is Do Something For the Kids, Inc.?

Do Something For The Kids, Inc. began with a vision to reconnect the access to tools and resources for individuals through a village of peers and people that are vested into the growth and success of today’s youth. Do Something For The Kids, Inc. is here to assist in rebuilding needed villages to lend their knowledge, wisdom, and abilities to aid today’s youth in pursuit of their goals. Do Something For The Kids, Inc. strives to empower youth to find their strength; giving them the ability to pursue opportunities that once may have been just a dream, versus just telling them that these opportunities may not be obtainable in life.

Why now and why Do Something For the Kids, Inc.?

With the current state of the world and society, youth are in more need of knowledge and mentorship more than ever before. Many parents are working longer hours to make ends meet. Virtual learning is becoming normal leaving youth unable to receive in-school instruction as well as socialization needed for healthy growth. Youth also are embarking on a world with minimal preparation and life experiences to combat the riquors of what they will face as young adults. Do Something For The Kids, Inc. hopes to build a foundation of knowledge, strength, security, and maximization of growth potential in individuals.

In order to build and create this foundation, we believe these goals to be a vital component to an individual's development structure.


1.) To create new events and opportunities in a safe environment that helps young people develop a sense of purpose and introduce job readiness training and skills.

2.) To use our positive influence to help youth build positive self-esteem and social skills for success.


3.) To empower youth to make the choice to live a healthy and productive lifestyle.


4.) To reduce the possibility of youth substance abuse and to provide education on the pitfalls of life choices and consequences that lead to emotional, mental, and physical distress.

How to help

The need for support and positive engagement is greatly needed but is met by the obstacle of negative influences. As today’s youth from elementary school to high school grow through these times, they face many challenges. Some will desire structure while others seek independence that they lack preparation for. No matter where the student/child is developmentally though, it’s important to assist them on a path with caring adults who are willing to provide their skills and knowledge through a village that promotes strength, growth, and success in reaching endeavors. Constant are many risk factors that build on each other over time through the individual, family, school, and community environments. As students/children obtain more personal freedom and lose interest in course work as it becomes more intellectually demanding or in a simple term: boring or complicated to that individual. To parents and students, teachers also give the impression they are less supportive. , peer groups become larger and relationships become more complicated.


Youth are also faced with early adult responsibilities, new relationships, and physical changes. Some youth aren’t ready for these changes and feel helpless and those who are ready want to handle greater responsibilities but society won’t let them. While experiencing these changes youth may feel a wide range of emotions and not know how to deal with them. Changes such as family problems including divorce and marital instability, a significant loss of a loved one or friend, the pressure to succeed, poor self-esteem, social isolation due to appearance or sexual orientation, and new responsibilities may lead to suicide among youth. This critical time period in which youth need caring adults who can offer guidance and help young people thrive is not only limited to age but also the time of day.


It's time to build on our foundations of success and find a common ground to reaching today’s youth/teens and infusing them with

knowledge and experiences that will produce productive members in life and their respective communities. 


Key Strategies to Youth Development

  • Healthy Alternatives – One of the biggest complaints that we hear from young people about why youth use drugs are that there is nothing else to do. Do Something For The Kids, Inc. strives to provide healthy alternatives such as concerts, dances, and movie nights. All while encouraging young people to follow their passions.

  • Empowerment and Personal Growth – Do Something For The Kids, Inc. is run for and by youth. Young people involved with our organization are empowered to take on leadership roles and give input on all facets of the organization. We strive to inspire all young people to find their passions and achieve their goals. We believe that there is a monumental difference between telling young people that the right thing to do is to say no to drugs and alcohol use and empowering them so that when faced with the choice they actually have the ability to speak out and say no. We emphasize positive body image, mental and emotional wellbeing, and peer support as key aspects of youth empowerment.

  • Environmental Change – Do Something For The Kids, Inc. strives to change the local climate to one that embraces all young people. We believe that all youth should have access to voice their opinions. Building positive youth and adult relationships and opening lines of communication is key to this. We also strive to change negative climates of bullying and intolerance to become positive and celebratory.

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